Saturday, June 20, 2009

Before buying anything online...

hey guys, here's a helpful little tip for you...

I always buy stuff online and while surfing the web for hours for information, the pros and cons and reviews of the product, I always come across this link many web forum members post. (It's a direct link you should keep in your files.) is a website that rates and documents customer reviews of most online vendors. When searching online for a product (especially an expensive one), if the price seems too good to be true it probably is! While most vendors offer fair prices, sometimes you'll come across ones who use the "bait and switch" method. What they do is offer a certain product (say, a camera) at an incredibly low price compared to other prices, then you purchase it, and they either send you a different brand, a used item, or they don't send it for months and you're left to go with a lower-quality product that they happen to have in stock.

So, just be sure to buy from a trusted vendor!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brindy and Cody Engagements!

I know, I know. It's like 12am and I'm posting on the blog! So, my friend Brindy asked me to take her engagements and it was SO FUN! These two were a cinch to take pics of since they were SO totally into each other and didn't require much pose-coaching :) Aw... such a cute couple - I love it! Thanks, Brindy!!! So glad I got to take your engagements - yay! Here are a few from the shoot... (and I really do mean "a few" because I can't keep up with blog posts!)

Jessi and Cristi

Jessi and Cristi
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