Saturday, November 29, 2008

The "P" Family!

This week, I took some shots of my friend Kim's SUPER CUTE family!! I loved the way they turned out with their bright, fun colors and the urban background. YAY! (And hooray that the fall weather lasted long enough for us to get these before the snow came!)


km said...

These are off-the-charts adorable. And as cute as my sister's family is, it takes a good eye to capture that. Can I just say -- WOW.

Stephanie Behling said...

You do such a fabulous job! I'm so impressed, and I really wish I had known when Justin's family did family pics. The lady they used was so expensive, and I think you are better than she was. Anyway, definitely using you next time! Love ya!

Cristi said...

Thanks, you guys! Kim's family was probably one of my favorite shoots to date!

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