Sunday, January 11, 2009

Swanson Family

I photographed my friend, Amber, and her cute family at the Springville Art Museum. It was SO cool! Lots of fun and different places to snap shots, I loved it. And it's always fun to photograph a friend and observe the family dynamic. They're a cute, happy family. Thanks, Amber! Enjoy!


hjackson said...

Oh my goodness! Those are terrific photos Jessi!!! You seriously have such a good eye for photography! I especially love the one of her hugging her kid and the father in the background all blurry. PERFECT SHOT!

Mimi said...

i love your photos!

i'm in NY, but if i ever get married, i know who to call!

Jessi said...

thanks a lot, guys!

Cristi said...

Yes, thank you!

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Jessi and Cristi
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