Monday, February 16, 2009

The Price was totally RIGHT!

All of us here at CJ Photography (me) would like to publicly congratulate Cristi and her husband, Jeff, for WINNING THE SHOWCASE!! We all watched it together on the very big screen and I was able to capture the laughter, the many tears, and the now-famous 'covering all facial expressions with hands' gesture Cristi showed throughout the show. As we all witnessed, the price was totally right! (Actually, it wasn't and I just realized my made-up phrase is totally wrong because, really, they guessed about $4,000 off. Oh well! I'll keep going and hope no one noticed.) 

Anyway, as you may remember, we announced a contest soon to come! And it hasn't come yet but it will soon come. So, keep your ears and eyes open and get ready to... type! 

Congrats again to everybody's very favorite 5'0, (X-20) lbs photographer named Cristi!!!

1 comment:

Cristi said...

Ha ha! Thanks, Jess! (X-20) lbs? What the heck?!

Jessi and Cristi

Jessi and Cristi
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