Saturday, March 7, 2009

The "Favorite" Image Is ...

Not only did I keep track of the blog comments and entries in our contest, but I also kept a tally of which pictures got the most votes.

I thought you guys might be interested to see which picture(s) turned out to be the favorite(s)! I know that it was definitely intriguing to Jessi and me!

The image that got the MOST votes was...

Image #20!
It received a total of 29 votes!

Image #7 was a VERY close 2nd
It received 27 votes!

The next highest vote getter was #10
This one got 16 votes

Numbers 21 and 12 both received 13 votes
[IMG_6503b.jpg] [e.jpg]

That rounds out the top 5 images!

Thanks again you guys for all of your participation! And ESPECIALLY for the rockin' comments you left! In fact, since our turnout was SO great and everyone was so SUPPORTIVE and awesome, we decided to do not just ONE free photo shoot, but TWO free shoots!!

Congrats again to the winners! (If you don't know who you are, you need to watch the video in the post below, which gives the winning announcement!)

And we'll be doing more contests in the future! So stay tuned!


Bree Johnson said...

I'm not suprised -that photo is gorgeous! I was wondering if youd do a session with my fam! But we live in Canada- so I want to know where you shot that photo and what time of year is the best for that location! Because we come down a couple times a year. Its so beautiful!

Whitney said...

I'm glad you posted that--so fun! You girls are doing such great things!!

Jessi and Cristi

Jessi and Cristi
Your Photographers

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