Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Salt Lake Temple Wedding Day

Okay, so, I don't ever think I've smiled SO MUCH at a wedding until I met Ashley!! She has this contagious smile and laugh that you just can't ignore! Loved it! Ashley and Nathan were such a fun and cute couple, and their families were so nice. THANKS, guys!! I had lots of fun. Enjoy a small sample of pics from the wedding day... and fun reception pics to come, just you wait :)


Must-Ash said...

Yay!! I love it! I'm so excited to see the rest. You're amazing!

Crystal-lynn said...

Awesome! I LOVE Ashley & Nate! And I love your pictures from their wedding! They're great!

Erin said...

We had so much fun just watching you take their pictures! They're beautiful (the couple AND the pictures!) and such unique shots. Wish you'd been around when we got married!

Jessi said...

Thanks for the compliments, guys! And yay, Ashley! I had such a great time, especially at the reception. I totally lost track of time it was so fun!

Bethany said...

You did a great job! My brother looks so cute in that black and white one, and they really are a great couple aren't they?! " ) I can't wait to see the rest.

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